"She wouldn’t say what we both knew. “The reason you will not say it is, when you say it, even to yourself, you will know it is true: is that it? But you know it is true now. I can almost tell you the day when you knew it is true. Why won’t you say it, even to yourself?”"
William Faulkner, from As I Lay Dying (via c-ovet)

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"osculate [os-kyuh-leyt]"

(verb) To kiss, to come into close contact with. This strange little word is one of the most unexpected synonyms for kissing, osculating.  It is both fun and unexpected like the perfect kiss. Although kissing falls as one of the lesser used definitions, it will not stop us from impressing our next date with this fancy new word in our vocabulary. Who’s with us? 

  • etymology: Latin ōsculātus (past participle of ōsculārī to kiss), equivalent to ōscul (um) kiss, literally, little mouth
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"Inability to accept the mystic experience is more than an intellectual handicap. Lack of awareness of the basic unity of organism and environment is a serious and dangerous hallucination. For in a civilization equipped with immense technological power, the sense of alienation between man and nature leads to the use of technology in a hostile spirit — to the “conquest” of nature instead of intelligent co-operation with nature."
Alan Watts (via sunflower-mama)

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I don’t know… on We Heart It.


I don’t know… on We Heart It.


Everyone has a gay cousin. If you don’t have a gay cousin, then you might be the gay cousin

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