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Ay que flojera! #instacat #calico #cat

l need to stop eating potato chips right naaaoo!!!


no more top hat.




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Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
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I had a dream about a white wolf. She was fierce as fuck.
Our work of love should be to reclaim masculinity and not allow it to be held hostage to patriarchal domination. There is a creative, life-sustaining, life-enhancing place for the masculine in a non-dominator culture. And those of us committed to ending patriarchy can touch the hearts of real men where they live, not by demanding that they give up manhood or maleness, but by asking that they allow its meaning to be transformed, that they become disloyal to patriarchal masculinity in order to find a place for the masculine that does not make it synonymous with domination or the will to do violence.

bell hooks, The Will to Change, p115. (via tiledsarenomore)


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THIS.Re-rebloging over a conversation I had yesterday with a friend, I always think my discourse sounds a lot more harsh than my feelings are. But this is the base of my thoughts.

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senpai noticed me!

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Camera doesn’t love me, okay?

I&#8217;m a little depressed these days.
So i bought make up.
And right now I&#8217;m wearing full make up at home and feeling so very pretty &lt;3.

Dance As Therapy: Natalia Duong at TEDxStanford


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Gpoy in the year of the horse! :D(No one understands my humor on FB! :()