you can be non-binary and still want to be referred to as he or she

you can be non-binary and still want to be someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend

you can be non-binary and be in a straight-passing relationship

you can be non-binary and want to refer to yourself with gendered language

there is no right way to be non-binary

your identity is perfect the way it is

don’t ever feel like you’re ~not queer enough~ because just by existing you are queer enough. 

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"In the queer universe, to be queer implies that not everybody is queer in the same way. It implies a willingness to articulate their own queerness."
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"And when the Cis People said unto Zir People ‘Ye do not comprehend Biology. Are ye so foolish as to name your bodies for yourselves, and to defy the limits of the names we have made for you? God has given you your forms, and God is a Man because of Biology.’ And Ze declared, ‘Bitch, I might be,’ and Ze did thoroughly smite them for their insolence."
- Universal Holy Gospel of Angry Trans* People (via gospelofangrytranspeople)

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