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Viaje de relajaciónWatercolor and cardstock
(march 17, 2011)
Sorry for the bad quality! I hope to scan this one soon ^^.
this is ¡Porqueno!, a little creature that could only answer &#8216;porque no&#8217; and jumps in my mind trying to distract me ^^. we are friends now.I need to work those backgrounds! 
chinese ink, cardstock..
Working on this&#8230; I had so so much fun drawing every line, it was relaxing :).I think i will use ink or black watercolor on this&#8230; 11/01/2011
Work in progress, no title at the moment.. :)Watercolor
january, 2011
First part of Ilumigati :)december, 2010
Working on&#8230;
(oh and&#8230; this is my 100th post)